Agnostic Mantis EP

by Rectangle Creep





released June 8, 2017

Written and recorded by Rectangle Creep
Mixed by Ben Baker at Canadaway Studios
Mastered by phyzi9 at Fiverr (
Handclaps on "Anatomy of Hands" by Ben Baker & Annie Rorick (recorded by Ben)



all rights reserved


Rectangle Creep Rockville, Maryland


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Track Name: When The Line Strives In His Nine
Humans make paste
It’s this way with gods too
The red angelic reptile

Dichotomies bellowing
The line strives in his nine

Side by side
Every breath shine
Tonic of the sciences
Do myths know fatigue?

Goddess bathed in perceptions
The line strives in his nine

Caskets fallen into fluids
Human objects
Swirls of synthesis
Truth whirls in
Submerged in
Nature’s every breath
Embraces us
Track Name: Anatomy Of Hands
Four digits and the
Opposite member
Who’s alone but yet lends sense
To the plans
That the four
Generate when they smash intentions

Dubious to the night ice
Lest your fingers
Aggregate thumbs
Look at this life
It’s a typical slice
Wrings you out and
Leaves you dumb

Callused whole
Put at risk
Wearing rings to show loyalty
Sparse hairs grow
On the segments
Marking out the anatomy

Skeptical of the right knife
Cut your fingers’
Thenar space
Look at this pollux
Evolved from a mollusk
Bleeds you out and
Leaves you numb

All your fingers
Anatomy of hands
Track Name: An American Idles
Cleaning out the carport
An American idles
Sorting out dark parts
From prodigal scum

Breaking down the cartons
Disposing of perishables
Knocking down salt cop
Until he’s got no needs

We’re sidling up to
An elegant widow
We’re struggling against
The Queen’s muscle

But she was much different
Once she had her Fireball
She found a fifth of whiskey
Cleaning out carport
Knocking down salt cop
Until he’s got no needs
Track Name: We All Pass Through Heaven On Our Way To Outer Space
We all pass through heaven
On our way to outer space

We don’t have a prayer
We’re all frayed and dismayed
But don’t blow your fanfare
Every princess has a wart somewhere

You’ll soon be free
Light and energy
As we enter the void
Ashes to asteroid

Say goodbye to the time
To the way of things
Leave your earthly vessel
The faith you failed to wrestle

Your spiritual filament
Gives light to firmament
A heavenly liftoff
An enlightenment Molotov
So spread your tattered wings
We’re Elysian astronauts
In search of cosmic Camelot
Track Name: Who Are You Wearing?
I. Laziness Blues

That’s a great idea
I wish I didn’t have it
Now I’ve gotta do it
No way around
Just through it

I’ve done my time
I’ve paid my dues
I’ve corporate climbed
With corporate slime
Done corporate time
Now I need a muse
Laziness blues

I’d wait here forever
In Lobotomy’s lobby
I don’t want to do
I just want to be
‘til Life’s Jailer
Sets me free
To set spark
To eternal leaf
See the earth beneath
In all of Langston’s hues
Laziness blues

II. Who Are You Wearing?

You can’t see the appeal
Of all that you conceal
Who are you wearing?

It’s all a disguise
And all that implies
Who are you wearing?

You’re a nomenclature fakir
A front-man for your true nature
Who are you wearing?

If your secret gets exposed
You’re bound to be deposed
Who are you wearing?

You need an act of God
And a whole new façade
Who are you wearing?

III. My Spinal Cord Has Got A Mind Of Its Own

I walk like an ape
I’m bent of shape
Toss me a lifeline
Throw me a bone
My spinal cord
Has got a mind
Of its own

I never chose this
To be ruled
By King Scoliosis
Gimme back my back
Or find me a clone
My spinal cord
Has got a mind
Of its own
Track Name: This Elevator Is Really Bringing Me Down
This sample case
Of the human race
In my workplace
He isn’t working
No not for me

Blasting forth
With ignorance megaphone
In prejudiced baritone
This guy is not boss
He’s just a clown

This elevator
Is really bringing me down
This elevator
Is really bringing me down

Let’s leave him the flag
And show him our tea bag
We’ll annex the south
For Mr. Loud Mouth
Then feed him to the gators

This elevator
Is really bringing me down
Track Name: A Balloon Is Half The Battle
My rouge seed
Sits sipping
Corporate orange juice
She’s tripping
My grip slips
To the obtuse
Brooks no talk of
Outer angels and candy canes

No smile from my sweetheart
For my tactical Pop Tart
But as the water falls like in Seattle
It comes to me like a memory

My good friend
Keeps falling
From the diving board
He’s flipping
My grip slips

No smile from my sweetheart
For my tactical Pop Tart
But as the water falls like in Seattle
A balloon is half the battle
Track Name: Good Kids
We’re never gonna be the good kids
We’re not fantastic spawn
Shiny kids
We’ll always be busted
Torn down and thrown down the stairs

But we pull ourselves up by the hairs
On our necks
We walk it along
Make it feel right
Probably better if it happens at night
O we’re never gonna be the good kids
Track Name: Agnostic Mantis
Taking up the first spot
Where it’s really really chilly in the green
Everybody calls it gecko
To me, we should call it death

It doesn’t matter
When they’re really really really destroyed
You have to win the group
When green predators swoop

Nightly rotated on a screen
You’ll have to bite your words

Agnostic mantis
No one calls it that
Wings, eyes like descending flies
That little cut of meat was sick

Strikers, blockers running amok
And they’re really really struggling for breath
We should call it death
It doesn’t matter
When they’re destroyed