Carved Cones And A Cotton Castle

by Rectangle Creep

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released July 26, 2016

All songs by Rectangle Creep
©2016 Tsunami Patrol Music

Joseph Airport Records - JAR-003



all rights reserved


Rectangle Creep Rockville, Maryland


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Track Name: Hostile Enclaves
You slacked man
On double diligence
Messed with magic
A sober ring reminder

This is a
Condom of interest
I don’t have a horse
In this fight
No taste of the whip

Angling toward
Hostile enclaves
Waves break on the walls
Hovering over
Hostile enclaves
Knaves take all of the falls

He’s a turd
In hostile enclaves
Alert lips whisper the code

It’s a lot of work
In hostile enclaves
Raising a field of human beings

The godless berserk
A mainstream archaeologist
Dabbling in cannibalism
A special kind of whiteness
If that endeavor is not your thing
Track Name: Lover or California
When I went around
With the Malibu girls
Ogled their curls
Everything seemed right

When I came to depend
On the Ohio leopard
Origami gargoyles
Threatened my world

I tried to wrap it around you
I tried to break through the clouds
I don’t think the lever found you

Now I need a lover
Who can be
What we wanted to be in kindergarten
I need a lover
To tell the story
Of my Internet life

I want more life, fucker
I’m an English major
I’m a Communist
I want a pizza

I can’t hear a doc or a human
She doesn’t like meat in her house
I don’t think the lover found her

So now I live
In bizarro land
Ride the gland

We all know I’m prone to the power
Of the muse
So I need a lover
Or I need California
Track Name: White Slipper
Go scuff your white slipper
Belay your A.M. vitriol
Sober can’t be called
By a bone explorer’s surname

A cannon awaits the leering mirror
Says, send me a live candidate

I want to fall in love
With a bartender tonight
Come hit my lightning
And embrace the occasional blazer

Tough, the white slipper
Rough withdrawal today
Scuff your white slipper
Belay your A.M. vitriol

Let’s move to the flatlands
Let’s take over the world
Track Name: Best-Brushed Hair
I pinched myself twice
On the same finger
I need more audibles
And time to linger

You’re so dead

I did myself nice
I was just a ringer
He was your beard
Forget about the singer

You’ve got to be killing me
But you’re so dead
You’re so dead

O baby
Check out my best-brushed hair
Without doubt
It’s bound to take you there
O baby
Dig my best-brushed hair
Track Name: Enjoy Yr Milkshake
Stay gold, ponyboy
Don’t let yourself
Go gray
Go old
Go bitter and disgusted with the world

Don’t ever settle
And don’t ever settle down
The only ones who die
Are the ones who stop moving

Keep ranting
And keep rolling
And keep slamming yr head
At yr rock shows

Enjoy yr milkshake
No matter the flavor
Yr parents made it for you
And they wanted you to drink it

Stay gold ponyboy
Enjoy yr milkshake
No pre-owned aspirations
Can match yr fervor
Track Name: You Look Like Bowie
You’re the lean white duke
You’re A-number-1
You’re a living reinvention
In multiple genres

Heavy into glam
Shadowed eyeliner
Ziggy’s second cousin
No man is finer

You look like Bowie
To me
Your wilting demeanor
Hides a fiery schemer

At close of life’s rich pageant
You saw your end approach
Devised an exit strategy
A close beyond reproach

You look like Bowie
To me
Your smiling demeanor
Hides a pragmatic schemer
You look like Bowie
To me
Your smiling demeanor’s
Fiery afterlife dreamer
Track Name: Leave Your Pride (In Squirm’s Garage)
I’m the minister
Of the inferior
My father calls me once a month
To tell me how I’ve let him down

Give me back my fist
I’ve got jagged lips
It’s a self-improvement sweatshop
For mechanics of the flesh

Too high-energy for sleeves
Bring me the child
It lifts it all

I’ve been on fire since 1974

I’m the patron saint
Of hops and barley

I’ve vaguely vivid memories of
When I was in defiance
Would you like to take me
On a tour of your garden?
Leave your pride at the gate
It’s hammock time
In Squirm’s garage
Garage of the superego!

I’m the minister of naught
Track Name: (I’m Embracing) New Wisdom
I’m Mr. Know-It-All
But I didn’t know
Anything at all
Don’t let life
Ruin your life

You could wake up tomorrow
A whole new man
Face preordainment
With a whole new plan

Just like me
I’m Mr. Esprit
I’m bucking the system
Exploding the prism
Uniting the schism

I’m embracing new wisdom

As the coma alarm
Sounds off
Wake up
Shake up
Never tire of growing
Get going!

It’s this way to the viking arena
Track Name: Babe, I’m an Ecoterrorist
O you’re just like them
Some things are not good enough
For discerning customers
Like you and your mother

I slake a gas tank’s thirst
I drive a spike through the tree

I am morphing through forms
My stock is rising
They won’t be joining the cause
You can’t blame them

I slake a gas tank’s thirst
Drive a spike through the tree
There’s just no reasoning with me

You’re not like me
Some facts aren’t food enough
To tongue them and chew them over
They’re tart and they’re changing

I slake a gas tank’s thirst
I drive a spike through the tree

Lies I’ve told you
Can’t you see?
Like babe
I’m an ecoterrorist
Track Name: The Last Lemonade Stand of the Year
Johnny you know
It’s really time for you to go
It’s time to put away your signs
It’s time to go in and pick up
All our schoolbooks

Jug of anxieties
That you’ll associate with me

Johnny my friend
It’s getting toward middle September
It’s time for you to surrender
All the makings and the sugar
And the profits

You drive
I’ll steer
Push the pedals on
The last lemonade stand of the year
Track Name: It's Beyond One of Those Days
Shitty Charles Bronson
Prefers cooking with pumice
He’s got a health wish
And an oiled wok

He’s hunting Dr. Congo
It’s beyond one of those days
You booze, you snooze
We’re soaking up some rays

Got uptight bass and Tulane blacktop
She’s making terrariums
With bongwater buffaloes
Bad things happen in
Tyson’s basement
Let’s give him some hands
When I turn you out

It’s beyond one of those days
Track Name: Bringing Down the Average
I don’t run
(So I’ll never catch you)
I should, probably
(Call me too)
I’m telling you right now
(I’m into the bourbon)
I’m not a big fan
(Of the circle of life)

I’m sorry for eating
(Half your present)
I’m planning on blazing
(On a sunny afternoon)
I enjoy the female form
(It’s really something)
It’s all you have
(And all you need)

I’m monogamous polygamist
(I like strange boobs)
Get off on my property
(With big dumb riffs)
Smell Bartolo’s cologne
(Percutaneous odors)
Never is always the answer
(Resurrection mathematician)

Rumble pact
Donruss doubles
Firefighter farm
Bringing down the average
Track Name: Welcome to the Land of Love and Glory
Welcome to the land
Of love and glory
There’s enough rainbow
To go around

Those whom with rays
Are advancing
On the sun
They are the chosen ones

Put down the magazines
In the lobbies
of your purgatories

Marooned and alarmed
Heaven is bracing
For those it has harmed

Welcome to the land
Of love and glory

Those whom with rays
Are advancing
On the sun
We are the chosen ones
Track Name: Entry-Level Spirit Guide
Creak on the floorboard
Trembling mattress
A chill passes through
Ghost of silent film actress

But there’s no mote on the eye
Of the entry-level spirit guide
She studied Tobin’s tome
But quibbled with the methods

Teenage mother
Means 9 months of trouble
Burst the squibs
Tainted meat pie

Total exploitation
In the second reel
Seeking the shadows
To look a spirit in the eye

Wise beyond her fears
There are slightly more placid careers
Than putting motes in the eye
Of the entry-level spirit guide
Track Name: Eternal Tyros of Language
In 1973
When briefly
She was a pumpkinseed
He had some dick pants on

By 1985
He wore a skinny tie
There was nothing good
In Goshen

They went to Helena
To the deadliest canoe club
And they sealed
The outdoor deal

In 2010
He wielded the red pen
And he snoozed
In the depths of his cube

He couldn’t collect
He was droned he was wrecked
He was a sacrifice
And that was nothing new

To inspect a pyramid
Of cinema cadavers
To try to speak forthright
To eternal tyros of language
Track Name: Life's Waiting Room
Don’t be ridiculous
You are having breakfast
There’s no good to come from
Waiting on an empty stomach

I’m full of beef and liquor
Here at my vantage point
Night is approaching
Electric glyde

I’m a milkman teet’ring
On the precipice of sanity

Light dying in the windows
We want your cooties
I already concede

But here’s what I’ve got:
Guns, jeeps and apples
And exceedingly boring ends

This rock is a million years old
We marvel at it
We retreat from it

We rot in our barstool spots
Soaking up the Vat 69
In life’s waiting room

You tyrant!
Take your Confederate fags
And leap onto Gomer’s pile

The sirens are
Blaring down alleys
Doing shots with the nuclear pukes

Last call is called
The freshman slump
The night’s almost dead but
I still need to prime the pump

Where’s your pen, Pens?
It was totally consensual
I hallucinated an hearse
My early 7:30 ritual
Track Name: Atheist Does a 1 AD
It’s just humans
Being human beings
Shouldering the neck
Of the godhead

Lost in contemplation
Of Bethlehem

He said there’s no divinity
He passed through Joseph’s portal

Atheist does a 180
To celebrate Christmas Day

Atheist does a 180
On Christmas Day