by Rectangle Creep

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11 minutes of sonic amorphism


released August 30, 2016

Cover artwork by David Crunelle



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Rectangle Creep Rockville, Maryland

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Track Name: Do You Have Another Tearjerker In You?
Be real with me …
I’ll be your tourniquet

As intrepid
Offspring cower
Why do you wait
For weeds to flower?

Do you have another tearjerker in you?
Track Name: When We Were Beasts
When we were beasts
In limited sedition
Shackled to baser instinct
We had feasts

With ravenous precision
Adrift in a sea of runes
We were meanderthals
Set upon migratory glaciers
In a sea of runes

We were evolution chasers
When we were beasts
Track Name: Maritime Provinces
Cutting course north
Into the breeze
Full ahead as I please

Resting nightly
It’s warm
But it’s not hot

But here’s the thing:
What day is today?
Why do I proudly eschew Radiohead?
Why do I live in Dayton now?

I want my dinosaur
I would walk to Cleveland
To be the king of new slams
I actually got pretty good

Does sunscreen expire
In maritime transmissions?
Received from
A far more secure archive
Track Name: A Brave and Wondrous Being
An educated guest
Variably deranged mind
Let us relish
Its idiot glee

Subliminal intentions
Signposts to truth
But cables are always an issue and
You were against it

We bring our odd, weird gifts
To the queen of the prairie
It’s like a boot camp
For extremely spoiled wives
Track Name: Species Revival
Cells are making a comeback
They’re under the microscope
In all of the places you won’t expect to find them
Track Name: It's Because You're Always Blazing
Gone to a lonely place
Fled to a senile space
Let it croost
O you miserable bastards
Let it croost
Track Name: Professional Bullshitters
Which one is Kevin?
He is the coach
Do not ever touch his hat

They stopped at Little League
They just can’t move
This kid is not down with that
No more

Everybody called
They’re all trying to get
Through that door
Go to school first

Learn a trade
Professional bullshitters
Always in demand

We should not talk about it
But we urged him to stop
It was so fucking foul
I guess you’re the daddy now
Track Name: Life Shots
I am living off the land inside you
I’ve got the stamen of a lily and the
Tongue of a lion

I enrolled in Action School
And now I’m taking life shots
Life shots

I came down from Braincloud
On a galloping golden filly
Breadwinner to all earthly scions
I took your heart and I kept it cool

And now I’m taking life shots
Life shots