Four​-​Sided Shape EP

by Rectangle Creep



released August 9, 2016




all rights reserved


Rectangle Creep Rockville, Maryland


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Track Name: I'm Your Milkman
It’s your freshman slump
Your leaf bowler
Everybody loves a Pacific Islander
You could be the world’s greatest tenor

It goes from Jereme’s lips
To god’s ear
I stepped on Iraq
I’m a milkman

Just became fluent in ESP
We want your cooties
I’m full of beef and liquor
I’m a leaf bowler

I’m on Gomer’s pile
With Confederate fags
I’m staying in the best 1-star hotel in the world

She has a hat trick and I’m your milkman
I’m your milkman
Track Name: Sunglasses Snake
You had me at,
“Let’s kill everybody!”
Phil Spectrum
Behind the wheel and driving us crazy
Can you find crustaceans three?
Johnny Fingers says,
“Let’s have calamari.”

There are some days I need to stay away
From the fire and the sunglasses snake

Your friend can take her sour grapes
And shove them up her big fat ass
Apathy’s the opposite of love
Babe I’ve got opposites in spades

There are some days I need to stay away
From the sunglasses and the fire snake
Track Name: What Do You Do? (I’m Basically A Locksmith)
What do you do
When you’re not doing
What you do?
Oh that’s intriguing
Keeps ya busy
And all over town
So you don’t get bored

I’m basically a locksmith
In terms of opening doors
Not expressly meant for my access
And taking things
Not explicitly mine in a technical sense

That’s quite rude of you
That terminology’s outmoded
“Cat” being an animal
“Burglar” a slur
I’m basically a locksmith
End of story
Track Name: White Soul Bullshit
Well aren’t we the Beach Boys
Or their insolent proxies
Let’s talk about jam bands

He’s moving into that head
Dreaming of daily events
Our elixir will slake your thirst

White soul bullshit
Could open up an English channel

Plus-size models
Are pretty put together
Living together in Panache House

If you had a hat
I’d put a dollar in it
You’d be king of the whip

Feel the sting of
White soul bullshit
Gleaming coins of Caesar
White soul bullshit

Say no