Liberty's Ax EP

by Rectangle Creep



released September 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Rectangle Creep Rockville, Maryland


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Track Name: Liberty's Ax
Ax-handled march
Blades whetted keen
To the hilltop’s
Apocryphal cherry tree

Tiny pencils pinching
Tiny muscles pinching

Prickle and snap
Through the brambles with me
To the hilltop’s
Wilting cherry tree

We’re chopping through bullshit
With liberty’s ax
Slashing prices
Cutting cords
To see how time flies

Shovel-blade march
To the boneyard at three
Let’s dig six feet deep
Lay down our charge

Tiny pencils pinching
Tiny muscles pinching

Let the soil rain down
On liberty’s ax
From liberty’s shovel
Relative might
Vigor and vim

Tiny pencils
Tiny muscles

Lay them down beside him
Tiny pencils pinching
Tiny muscles pinching yeah
Track Name: Electron Stress
I’ve waited for this moment
Since the first beam of protons
Now I’m overcharged
And under duress
Electron stress

We’re all just meat and you are
Radiating heat like a photon
I’m in a state of excitement
You’re in a state of undress
Electron stress

I need a Herculean effort
From the average Samaritan
He’s half a sentry
Atop the wall
Around my life
My kingdom and my wife
Electron stress

I’m a prole model
I’m full throttle
I’ve got taxes to collect
And no room for debate
As her highness takes my weight

O what can be next?
Electron stress
Track Name: The Wind
Track Name: Shine a Light on My Ear
Shine a light on my ear
Tell me all the things you fear
And what you want
Whatever life you dream of

Shine that beam to my brain
Tell me why you refrain
From joining the chorus
Calling for the abdication

Shine a light in my ear
Fractilate the facts so I can hear

I can’t see you but
I can hear you
I can’t touch you but
I can feel you

Tell me why you refrain

Shine your light to my mind
Shine your light to my cortex
Shine your light on my ear
Track Name: We Planned To Get Lucky (Wig)
When we were young and spunky
We were life junkies
Who planned to get lucky
To bust loose from the chains
Of the preordained

Now we’re old and empty
But are we bold enough
To do the math
That cuts a path
Straight to the fountain of
Youth at last

O what a thing it is to wig
Some people stay so stiff
They’re like that all day

All week
All month
All year

While we’re here
We’re loose
The only way to be
Let’s wig
O let’s wig
Track Name: Thomas Coin
Come gather all you faithless
Bastards of Midwest plains

Screw yr wigs on tight
Huddle by the flaming oil barrel
Let's flip a coin:

Thomas, the patriarch of loaners
Eldest Coin in Indiana
His wife spat carpet tacks
His mistress broke bed frames

Thomas Coin III
Nabbed by staties in Kentucky
Hauling his Peterbilt of
Hot Atari coin-op cabinets

His sons made widows in Korea
At the cusp of the Coin age
Track Name: His Houses' Emanations
What has come to pass
What was willed to be
That which bequeathed to he
So humid in silence

That what came to be
His houses’ emanations
Radiating free
Just this side of violence

His houses’ emanations
This house has emanations
Connections and radiations

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That what came to be
Radiating free
In emanations of homes
Track Name: Better Luck Next Time Bomb
They're a jovial people
Fond of camaraderie
Their bodies are your vessels
Ponchos poised for corporate splatter

Speeding down Dance Hall Road
We're just plumes, fingers and tongues
It's a bad epoch for witches you know
There's an entire world under this layer of ash

We were kicked out of the coven
Better luck next time bomb

Campfire spores have germinated
Let's run away to the academy
Let's become philosophers
Or scamtron testers

Better luck next time bomb
And for all the secret meetings you will see
Tied to the market rollercoaster
It only gives you what you gave

We were kicked out of the coven
Better luck next time bomb